All appointments booked until July 2020.OPENING AUGUST...



Please book your consultation ahead of at least a week if urgent.You can email us at the below email address. Please do wait for at-least a  3 days after sending the email,since there are hundreds of emails flooding our email box everyday.Also,this consultation is done according to the scriptures and therefore deserves a sense of purity.

There are a few required conditions to be able to go through.......

A)  Please follow a VEGETARIAN DIET  at least one week before the consultation,  as a non-vegetarian diet will add on to 

B) Please avoid any sort of intoxication too as it is a hitching obstacle to the flow of positive vibrations in the consultation= ONE WEEK NO INTOXICATION INCLUDING SMOKING , ALCOHOL AND OTHERS.

C) Those in India will have to come to Abhigya's  present location for a consultation, which may be discussed through the Email only.Those not residing in Bharat can use an online consultation.

D) While a face to face consultation may extend for a little bit more than an hour,in which all required info would be summarized, an online consultation would be limited to not more than an hour due to the dangers of wireless connection.



Contact Us

Dear All! Attention please......

Our Contact Email-ID Shall be displayed only  in the First week of August, due to over flooding  of consultation requests  from across the Globe in our mail box.

Regretting the Inconvenience.....