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Abhigya Anand is the World’s Youngest Astrologer, Vastu Architect and Gold Price Analyst. He has also been awarded the Global Child Prodigy Award, which is given only to the top hundred Child prodigies in world. He is the youngest to complete his Post Graduation (Ayurvedic Microbiology), and also the youngest to complete his Bachelors Degree (Vastu Shastra). He and his sister have a channel with more than 700 videos, with more than 300 videos on Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Ayurveda. He has consulted hundreds of clients from across the World on Vastu and Astrology. He has studied Sanskrit up to the level of being eligible to teach it as a professor. He has completed his Sahitya course(Literature and advance grammar) in the same from the Government of Karnataka. He has completed his Pravesha(Masters equivalent) from the Surasaraswati Sabha in Srngeri.He designs Properties like Factories, Buildings, Office spaces and Residential homes according to Vastu Shastra.

Vedic Astrology

He is doing his research (Pursuing PhD.) in the subject of Financial Astrology. He has presented his research on Diabetology in research to astrology on YouTube.

Also, he has completed his Jyotisha Ratna, Jyotisha Visharada and Jyotisha Vidyabhusha from DJCA in Mysore. He has done extensive research on Planetary Transits and their effects to the World. To watch the recent predictions on YouTube, click:


He was Awarded the Global Child Prodigy Awards for the year 2020 for outstanding achievement in the field of astrology. Currently doing research on Planetary movements and their effects to mundane activities etc.

Vastu Shastra


Abhigya is the youngest Vastu Specialist,and does designing, correction for properties too. He has done his Bachelors degree on Vastu Shastra from MVIVVU.He has another Web portal for booking of Vastu consultations and other services.



Completed his Sahitya (advanced course on Sanskrit literature and grammar) from Karnataka Sanskrit University. Also completed his Pravesha course in Sanskrit(M.A equivalent) from Surasaraswati Sabha in Srngeri.He is now eligible to teach Samskritam as a Professor.


Has done his Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology. Studied the Ashtanga Hrdayam and other Samhitas. Also, he has done studies on the effect of Junk foods and Modern Lifestyle on the Body. He has lectured this topic in over 100 Schools and colleges including IIM Ahmedabad, PSBB Chennai etc. Has been interviewed in a host of TV Channels including Public TV, Samaya news etc.


3rd January , New Delhi

Abhigya was awarded the Global child prodigy award that is awarded only to the top 100 child prodigies across the world.

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